WordPress Tutorial Lesson 16: Working with menu   

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. With this Knowledge bit, we are going to talk more about appearance and the next item hereunder parent is menus so we are going to briefly look at how to create menus, how to use the WordPress menu.

So this lesson we are going to get deeper into WordPress menus. we’re going to install a theme and then we will talk about how you can make changes to that WordPress theme.


So initially we see we have got ‘Manage in customizer’ or we have to get that help again. So help is on every page and help is really great because it gives you quick insight on what you can do with the page that you are on.


So with menus, you can customize your navigation, menus can be used and displayed throughout your site so they don’t necessarily need to be at the top they can be inside bars and so on. Menus create a useful site structure which helps users to find information and browse through different sections of your website. Here you can create, you can add and you can delete different menus.


Creating Menu

So what are we are going to do is we are going to create a new menu.


And create a menu, so we start off by giving the menu a name, and then from here we can actually add in all the different pages so under this menu I want to add in all the pages. I can just do a select all, I can add all of these pages to the menu


And then this gives us the ability to change, customize what we are calling at so we can use the default one or we could create our own, we can also move it up and down, We can see with the original and we can cancel it and so on.



We also have the ability to go through posts so if we actually had a really cool post and we wanted to add it to our menu. Well this is how we could do that so now we have added an actual post to our menu and we get the same options here that we had here with the actual pages and as well


Custom Links

If you want to link out to another website or something like that then this is where you could enter the custom URL and I can add that simply to the WordPress menu as well.



And one last item that we can add to the menu is categories. So if I want to have my portfolio and generally you probably wouldn’t want to do this one because it’s nested in but we did it anyway.


So we have added that to the menu so a whole bunch of new items in the menu and now I am ready to save that menu.


Manage Location

There is another option here for managing menu locations, so right now our primary menu is going to be ‘my menu’.


But for now, I am going to change that to ‘brand new menu’. There is also an option for social links menu.


So if you are linking out to all of your social properties you can use that if the theme calls for it. It has options for the menus you can always add those. Now I have updated it with a brand new menu. I can go back to the site just to see what this looks like so here we see on the right-hand side this is where our menu sits on this particular theme


And again this type of stuff is always theme-specific so it does not necessarily mean that this menu is showing up here on my site and it can’t show up anywhere else. Another good thing about WordPress is the way it structures things, things are treated as objects. So this menu is an object. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be on the spot or you could completely remove it if you don’t want it here you can update it and so on. So going back into widgets we can see here that we have got the ability to add a custom menu to our sidebar so if we did want to have one of those if we did have a social menu or social media menu and we just did something like that we could add that menu in really easily into our website.


So because this theme has this menu up here it does not really give us a lot of options to move that menu around. We can, however, do a menu customized, here so we can select the menus, we can update them, manage the location. So this would be the way to remove it if we didn’t want this default menu in the theme. We could remove it in that format as well, but again keeping in mind that if you do have static pages you do want to have menus and you do want to have the ability to navigate to those menus and also again depending on the theme.


In this Knowledge bit, we have talked more about appearance and we have briefly looked at how you can create a WordPress menu and how to use the WordPress menu. In the next knowledge bit, we are going to talk about Appearance and WordPress PHP code Editor.

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