WordPress Tutorial 13: Custom pages structure

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. So this Knowledge bit is going to be additional on pages and in this knowledge bit, we are going to give you a quick review on custom pages structure.

If you don’t want this standard WordPress site where you have got all of your content all of your posts coming up on your first page it’s going to kind of go to what’s we had talked about earlier where you can customize in your setting so go ahead and add a new page, I was going to call this page ‘Blog’ and publish the page.

I am not actually going to put it in anything else.

Now I go to pages, I see that I have got this blog page there. Now we will go to settings, and in the setting, we go under reading and this is where we can update our static pages so if I want my first page to be sample page.

And if I want my posts to go to a blog I can see where I think I do this update here and now when I go refresh the page my first page now is going to be sample page

Edit Page:

So this could be like an entry page or a page where you come in and a user can access it read about, so it does not necessarily need to be all of the blog posts and that’s what I really want to show in regards to what we are doing here within WordPress. But if you do want to see your blogs I believe it was a blog too. And this is ideal for those types of websites that don’t want all of those posts coming on the first page and they want to have the ability to customize that first page and want to have a separate page for all the different posts coming in. now there is a various way to customize this and update this and you can do that as needed.

Again when you do something like this that’s when you get into more customizing of your theme, customizing your menus and what your theme is actually going to look like so if you go into appearance which we are going to talk more about in the upcoming lesson we see that we do have the ability to create a new menu, and from here we can customize and create that new menu and then have our custom WordPress set up to go to blogs or whatever pages that we have set and really begin to make our WordPress site our own.

In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed the nature of pages and the custom pages structure. In the next knowledge bit, we will discuss how you can install and customize the WordPress theme.

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