WordPress Tutorial 12: How To Create WordPress Pages

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. So with this Knowledge bit, we are going to talk about pages and how WordPress pages are actually different than WordPress posts.

Difference between Post & Pages

There is basically two way to create content for your WordPress site, you can either choose post or pages. Posts are like blogs on your site, generally like news or informational updates about a certain topic. So if you will find it on your WordPress site it’s probably predominately driven by these posts. Pages too have the similar title and body text like the post, but pages are different because they generally reserved for static content or information and pages can’t be categorized or tagged like posts and pages can’t be listed by date.


You also have the option here for help and it’s going to give you some more information about pages. So again if you have an about me section where if you have regular content that you want to always be contact so one or some kind of history or permanent links area or something like that on your website. It always to be on your website or if you have a particular index page and you want the blog of your website to be on a separate page you can do that here within pages as well. And again another important aspect of pages is they are not categorized or tagged that they are hierarchical. So they are nested one page under another. So this gives you the ability to create that kind of nested ability where you have got your parent and you have got all the children there.


Adding a New Page

So let’s go ahead and add a brand new page, and again similar to what we are doing with posts we have got these quick edit abilities so this editing is going to be once again the same as the posts.


So we are going to create about me page. This page talks about me, same options visual textual and there right next to title we have got the option here for the permalink. So this is another good one here and it’s going to leave it out about me, the same type of setup here as publishing so you can publish it immediately. And a lot of times these pages you want to publish immediately, add media, the same thing as the posts are not going to really spend a lot of time on this feature images, and again these are the images that are specific for this particular page. So if your template or theme really accommodates these images so is a good idea to add these in


Page Attributes

And then here you have got that ability for that structured where you can nest your page some page or you could have no parent, you can change the order and so on.


ages are not much different than posts but functionality is different. This is going to be another interesting thing to note on those pages. When I go to my default website. So you are probably wondering, well I just created this about me and there are no links to it and that’s because these are not working the same way that you have your post working pages again these are going to be real pages. So if you have a navigation bar where you have your home page, about me, blogs and so on, this is where pages are going to be part of what you are doing in the structure of your site.

If you are just creating a regular site you are not going to need these pages. But if you do have pages it is always a good idea to remember that you need to link out to them in order for them to be able to be found on your website so they are not like posts, they don’t automatically get a link to it.

In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed Pages briefly and discussed how pages are actually different than posts. In the next knowledge bit, we will talk about custom page structure and how you can.


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