WordPress Tutorial 11: WordPress Comments

Welcome to our WordPress installation lesson. So with this Knowledge bit, we’re going to discuss  WordPress comments.

So here we are going to discuss a little bit more about media and we can get access to the media library by simply going to the left-hand menu.

So go to media I can see those images that I uploaded I have the ability to add new one and I have some ability here to search and customize what’s it’s going to look like so if I am looking for that image I can’t find it or if I want to update it gets a quick you are all for I can do that here within media. So here I can either select files, drag and drop them and upload them to the media library


And the same thing here for comments. So we have briefly looked at this earlier so in the posts, if you are looking at your post you do have your comments here below. And again if you really want to control comments in WordPress because you are going to really find that you do get quite a lot of spam so depending on what your setup is you have to really kind of rethink through how you want to handle comments on your blog and on your WordPress installation.

There you have the ability to approve it, to reply to it, to edit it, to spam it, to trash it

And there are some really good plugins as well to handle multiple comments in order to quickly remove the comments because I have had some WordPress sites where I have had 10000 comments a month and it’s just a lot of spam a lot of garbage coming in and I had to install plugins that I can just dump out all of the comments. So here you can actually go into edit update comments, you have got your name, email, URL and you can update the comments as long as you are in admin. You can do any updates into comments that you want.

In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed more media and comments, in the next knowledge bit, we are going to discuss pages.

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