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Scope of Game development in Pakistan.


While using the Internet many times you see ads for online games. Some of them are very popular and you can also download their Android version on your smartphone. Sometimes you watch your mom or even grandfather playing games in their leisure time on mobile phones. These games have made people of each age group addicted to them. Sometimes these games are so colorful and designed attractively that you start to play them at the moment. Some people become so addicted to the games that they start thinking about designing their games. If they are passionate and consistent about it then it becomes the start of their career as game developers. So, the interest in games is giving rise to the gaming industry. 

The game development industry is becoming one of the largest revenue-generating industries. Currently, China and the US are playing a leading role in this industry. Many professionals all over the world are working day and night to develop new games and strengthen this industry. If someone wants to join the industry, he must have the following skills

  • Creativity. 
  • Passion for games. 
  • Updates on new crazes in games.
  • Analytical and logical thinking.
  • Strong skills in programming.

Emerging Gaming Industry in Pakistan.


Due to the increasing usage of computers, mobile phones, and tablets and increasing addiction to games in Pakistan, this industry is emerging with its full potential over the last few years. The Government of Pakistan is also taking initiatives for IT development and many incubation centers are working on different projects. Game development is one of these projects. They are encouraging a young talented generation to prove their skills and take part in the development of the IT sector in Pakistan. They also have announced many free certificate courses and training programs to educate our young generation.


Role of academia to promote game development industry


Educational institutes are also playing a role in the development of the game industry by offering related courses and diploma programs. Some universities are offering game development courses in their undergraduate degree programs. In universities, computer game tournaments and game designing competitions are also organized. It encourages students to adopt game development as their career. If someone is not enrolled in computer science or software engineering program, he can still adopt it as a career by doing a diploma in game development courses. Many institutions are offering short courses and also diploma programs in this regard. Furthermore, many online resources are available to learn game development courses. Some resources are paid and some are free. But the good thing is that in today’s world if you want to learn something, there are unlimited resources available for you. Udemy offers paid courses taught by professionals all over the world. On YouTube, you can find a lot of channels that are teaching courses on game development. All these video lectures are mostly in English. If you want to learn the course in the Urdu language then the YouTube channel Farhan Aqeel has detailed lectures in Urdu on game development. This is a great facility for Pakistani students.

Game developer companies in Pakistan


Many students who want to be game developers are proving their skills in this regard. After completing their studies they join companies of game development or often open their own companies. In the last few years, many game developers companies in Pakistan have emerged that are giving a hand to raise the IT economy of Pakistan. They are developing games compatible with international market standards and proving Pakistani talent in this industry.  Here is the list of 10 companies among those companies in Pakistan which are doing the best work in this field. 

In Pakistan game developers companies are producing marvellous pieces of work and developing fantastic games. No doubt the future of the game development industry in Pakistan is bright and fruitful. 


Game development has become one of the largest revenue-generating industries in the world. Pakistan is also on the list of those countries which are approving their talent in this industry. Educational institutes are playing their role and facilitate the students by offering related courses in certificate and degree programs. Online resources are available in the Urdu language as well, if you want to learn game development. Need is that the faculty and parents must encourage the student’s interest in game development and should not consider it as a waste of time. They must understand that game development is now becoming one of the most beneficial industries in the field of information technology. So, if any student wants to enter the industry they must facilitate him. Let him/ her be a talented game developer. Good luck..!.
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