How to save your UpWork connects? What kind of job should you ignore in Upwork?


If you are in Upwork you will be familiar with connects. Freelancers need connects to apply for freelance jobs. Upwork Connects are just like coins that are necessary to submit job proposals. Upwork Connects also limit the number of jobs a freelancer can apply for in a month. Up to now, freelancers get 60 connects free each month but the Upwork connects policy has been changed and the connects are paid. Details of their pricing are given in their community blog. Freelance jobs are of 1 to 6 connects depending on the scope of the job. Now freelancers have to buy Upwork connects for 0.15$ each. A freelancer will lose his connects if he applies for a freelance job and the client hires another freelancer. But if the client doesn’t hire anyone then he will get his connects back. So, freelancers have to think more than once before applying for a freelance job.

In this article, we will discuss the points which you have to keep in mind before applying for the job if you want to save Upwork connects. So read carefully and keep the points in mind.



Check the hiring rate of the client:

Check the-hiring-rate-of-the-client

It seems to be strange but it is strongly recommended to check the hiring rate of the client. The hiring rate shows the number of posted jobs by the client and the number of hirings he made against them. It will give you an estimate of the chance of getting hired. If the hiring rate is not good then don’t apply for it. For example, if the client has posted 10 jobs and he hired no one, then don’t apply for that job. Sometimes jobs are posted only to take rates for other freelance platforms. There is no chance of hiring for such jobs. So, check the hiring rate. If it is greater than 50% then it’s a good hiring rate, apply for the job.


Is the job idle:


Idle job means the job was posted a time ago but it is not viewed by the client for a long time. You can find this by checking the “last viewed” of the client. Last viewed means when did the client visit the posted job last time. So if the client has not visited the job for a long time, and he is not also interviewing anyone. It shows the client is not interested in hiring someone. You should think before applying for that job. For example, a job is posted 30 days ago and the client’s last view is also 22 days ago and he did not interview anyone or there is a large gap between the last viewed and the last interview time, then you don’t need to waste your upwork connects on that job.


Are all the old posted jobs idle?


Sometimes the project is large and the client takes time in hiring a suitable freelancer for the job. So, he interviewed many freelancers to find the suitable one for the project. If this is the case you should check when the last interview was conducted and the number of interviews is increasing. For example, if you note the job was posted 30 days ago, but the last interview is taken one or two days before then it means the client is still searching for the freelancer and he is conducting interviews, so you can apply for that job. So, always note the last activity of the client for the posted job.


If the job is closed or not:


Sometimes the client has hired someone but the job is not closed and the “Submit” button is still active. This can waste your connects if you apply for such a job. Because if the client has hired someone why will he hire another freelancer unless he is not satisfied by the first one or the first freelancer could not complete his task? So, before applying, always check whether the client has hired someone or not? If it is then don’t need to waste your connects on that job.


Check the payment method of the client

Check-the-payment-method-of-the client

This is also one of the most important points that you have to keep in mind to check the verification of payment methods of the client. If it is verified then you can apply for that job. Sometimes, the job is genuine but the payment method is not verified. In such cases, always remember to read the job description. Keep in mind “Genuine jobs have a proper job description”. If it is ambiguous or not properly defined, don’t apply for that job, you can lose your upwok connects.



Since the connects are necessary for submitting a job proposal in Upwork and according to the new policy of Upwork the connects are paid now. So, be careful while applying for a freelance job. Otherwise, you will lose your upwork connects. You have to keep a few points in your mind before applying for the job so that your connects could not be wasted.

  • Always check the hiring rate of the client, if it is less than 50% then don’t waste your connects.
  • Always check the last view of the client, if he is not viewing from the first day of posting, then don’t apply to that job.
  • Note whether the interview process is continued or not, if it is then apply for that job.
  • Before applying, always check if the freelancer is already hired or not.
  • Check the verification of the payment method of the client. If it is verified then you can apply for that job.
  • Always read the job description of the freelance job. Apply for the job which is properly described.

Be careful and save your connects. Good luck…!

Here is the link to the video to explain the content as well.

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