WordPress Tutorial Lesson 18: Working with plugins

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. So with this Knowledge bit, we’re going to talk about WordPress plugins in detail.

So we have gone over a few of the really cool WordPress plugins and gone through them but within this lesson, we are going to dig deeper into the plugins. So one of the more popular ones is Yoast SEO, so this one you are going to find that it gets used regularly and it is a really amazing plugin because it allows you to create those XML sitemaps and this is all of that seal. So getting your web pages to be more SEO friendly, and if you are creating the website you definitely want to always consider being SEO friendly so keeping that in mind we can search and install plugins.


Adding New Plugins

We can go to “add new” and here we have got featured some really cool plugins here as well and here are some popular ones here some BuddyPress as well so really cool feature.


There is a wooCommerce which is also really cool really widely used. There is jetpack the one that we had talked to you before.


There is contact-form 7 its really good one to have, so I am going to add that one in because I really do think that contact form is something that’s really crucial for any website users to be able to contact you and connect with you so we are just doing an install and download and then just going to activate this one and we are also going to activate Yoast and show you how it actually changes your post and your pages. So just activate that.

Contact Forms:

And we should actually get something else on our menu here to customize that contact form, there is also a lot of really cool plugin for YouTube and YouTube videos and so on. So depending on what your site is about and what it consists of, you are going to look for different plugins. We see now that contact form showed up in the dashboard.

So now we have this contact form, now another plugin I am going to install is Yoast SEO


So you can see here by the numbers of install, it’s just amazing how many people are installing this and a lot of updates and this is another thing to consider when you as relooking at plugins look at the rating and look at how many people are using it. And then also look at when it was updated because that’s going to be really important because there are a lot of plugins so there that have just been made and people have dropped support for them and they might not be compatible with the newer versions of WordPress so always keep that in mind that when you are picking up plugins make sure that its popular enough there is a lot of people using it. Good rating and it does serve the purpose. So that’s why it is always a good idea to go to wordpress.org search all the different plugins and as you know that there are tens of thousands of different plugins that are available. So filtering through them sometime does take a while but when you do find really good plugins it’s definitely well worthy and this one we can see its rated well it’s got over million active installs. So just activating that and we saw that when we activated the contact form we had another menu show up here in our dashboard when we activated that backup plugin.


We had the backup show up and what’s going to happen here is that we get this SEO option here so we are actually able to do a tour of it so it’s going to tell us a little bit more about how to use the plugins so it opened up all of this within our left-hand menu.


And again this is something to keep in mind when you are creating your plugins that I have seen a lot of WordPress sites where they just have a ton of plugins and it starts getting confusing. So always be mindful of your plugins make sure you are not overdoing it and the plugin that you have are going to be or should be the ones you are using on a regular basis. If you are not using plugins get rid of it get it out of your dashboard to clean that up. So here this will walk you through how to set up Yoast so I could really go through all of that information but here we have got your information,


Webmaster tools so if you are looking to index your site will make sure you get a big being webmaster tools search console ID and so on and so these will walk you through how to set all of these up.


And after webmaster tools, we have got Security and onpage.org where we can enable and disable indelibility check.


So this is another really good one to have. It’s automatically subscribing you to the newsletter if you want. So now I want to go to my posts I can see that Yoast has actually added some new stuff here.


So if I go to my existing posts so I have got updated SEO algorithm so we will just see how this post is doing, so when we look at Yoast so this is going to be really useful and not to get too much into the SEO we see that by default in google if this page is to show up this is what it would look like, and this always tends to keep you mindful of how much space you are using up on your title tag how much space you ae using upon your URL and how it’s going to look in Google in your search results so you need to also look at focusing keywords


Here you also have some options from Yoast you can go through the robots index the robots will follow so this is where you can set that information also, if it’s a duplicate page you can canonical URL so that’s if your cross-domain or if you don’t want it re-index store if you are copying content from another page or another website and you don’t want to page gets penalized you can add that in there as well.

This is for social, this is going to add that social metadata so that Facebook method information as well as twitter matter information so a lot of really cool stuff here with Yoast.


And as I said if you are looking to optimizing your website it’s really going to do quite a bit for your website adding in additional information and under screen options

I believe that now you should have some more information so you are able to enable high geostrategic showing if you want to and so again Yoast highly recommended and of course you could use any plugin that you want and the for the SEO purpose again not to get too much off topic here there is your website should have a site map and with Yoast it takes care of the site enough for you it’s got bunch of tools in here as well titles and that bulk editor, file editor so these are some really cool tools.

So if you did have to update all of your title and descriptions you can do it within this bulk editor so this is again very useful. Really cool tools really useful stuff that’s available within Yoast.

We are able to import and export so different SEO plugins and setting file editors and we are able to do SEO scores. So quite a lot you can look through in this plugin

In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed plugins and talk about how you can install and use different plugins. From next knowledge bit, we are going to talk about WordPress Tools and talk about how you can import and export data.

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