WordPress Tutorial Lesson 17: Appearance PHP code Editor

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. With this Knowledge bit, we are going to go through appearance and we’re going to talk about PHP code editor in detail.

The Appearance Editor Screen allows you to access the backend and allow you to edit your theme’s template and stylesheet files. So editor is actually different than customize in appearance and all of that because this actually gives you access to the PHP code behind the actual template files and you can actually go in here, so by default it brings you to the style CSS and this is where all of that styling is set, so if you do understand how to use CSS you can update your styling here.

There is some caution that you need to use when you are updating these themes. So if you do make some updates to it, you should back it up before you make updates. Because I don’t believe that you can actually go back to the files if you make a change. So within here, we can see because this is a PHP file so we can see its all PHP code and it opens up the PHP gets the header and closes it.

And there is also a content are in PHP code editor where you can update Html code if you know HTML.

And then here it’s giving that PHP footer, so it’s calling over to that method that’s available and pulls not in.

And then here within the HTML so this is only HTML Part and here I can update some of this if I want to look at that HTML I can update what’s being shown here.

And here it’s got again some PHP code so PHP opens up with a <? (Less than question mark) PHP and is closed so here you can update it. I probably don’t need to update this or access this unless you actually know what you are doing but there is a lot of these shortcodes within PHP where if I want to add in another search field or something like that up here at the top I can do that and it’s something going to go to a page that’s not found and see what happens there.

So here we have got the search up here

But if I actually update the file so I have moved the search box and duplicated it and you can see where we can start to really customize WordPress by adding in these different built-in functions that are in WordPress so you can literally throw a search box anywhere. And if you don’t like your error page you can update it here and you can move a few things around if you want to or if you are comfortable with the code.

And that’s how you update the different pages there is also the sidebar here, a single post, page template, main template, some of these as well is going to be something that you could look at. And there is also the, of course, the stylesheet so if you want to update your stylesheet for this particular web template you can update it here as well.

So all of this right-hand menu has all the template files and you can also switch between different templates so if you have file that you have maybe created on, SEO and you want to see how different it is compared to your current template so there are all going to be different.

All of these function is for more advanced users and people that are comfortable with using PHP code.

In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed WordPress code editor and in the next knowledge bit we are going to talk more about WordPress plugins.

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