Customize WordPress Widgets page theme Tutorial Lesson 15

Welcome to our WordPress lesson. With this Knowledge bit, we are going to talk more about customizing the appearance of your WordPress site and in this lesson, we also going to talk about customize wordpress Widgets.


In the previous lesson we talked about themes and there is quite a lot of options for themes so you can really spend quite a lot of time until you find the actual theme that you want. When it comes to appearance so we have got this ability to customize so again this is going to what we had talked about earlier where we have got multiple different ways to access the same things so this is a quick menu to customize.


Go back to the dashboard, so theme customizes we have already looked up, in this lesson we will talk about customize wordpress Widgets. So widgets are actually what’s going to appear so depending on what’s your theme looks like is, depending on how your widgets are structured on your page.


So we are going to widgets area of our WordPress site where we can see that I don’t only have a sidebar widget or just not just labelled widgets I have got quite a lot more options I have got four different footers, I have got a sidebar and I have got some interactive widgets, so again it depends on the theme that you have using.


So now when I refresh my page I can see that I do have all these widgets areas and the first one that we are going to look at is going to be sidebar so in the sidebar we have search, we have posts, categories, and Meta.


So if I want to change the order of these, if I want to put Meta up here at the top and refresh the page, so it will move up to the right top.


So this is how sidebar works and then because this is the main sidebar this is actually going to be the same sidebar we are going to use on different themes, when we go to footer we see that these are blank right now but we do have the ability if we want to add in footer stuff we could add that in there.


You can also add in a search so if I had a search that I wanted to add in there it’s just as easy as this


So I can have search box up there, I can have it down here and so on.


So one thing to notice is that when I do change the title then save it. I have the ability to save different titles


So you can see different search options with different title ‘search my site’ and ‘search my’


It does not necessarily mean that each which it has to be named the same even though it has the same functionality. We have the RSS and so on and then just as easily as adding them you can simply remove them out if you don’t want them anymore.


So now if I want to change my theme again and then change it back to this one so I think this one is a little bit less busy than that one and so now we see that even though we have made one changes, its only going to be using it when we go back to widgets we see that our changes are still here but now we have got a whole bunch of these interactive widgets, so these are just things that we are not using anymore that are not compatible with the current theme. So depending on what we want to do we can add them and update them.


Here we have got the ability if I want to add some text information, so if I want to have a textual message, here I can add that in.


I also have the option here for adding the calendar and you can even add additional widgets and you can update your widget area this way so this is a more visual approach to updating your widgets.


With this Knowledge bit, we have learned more about customizing the appearance of your WordPress site and talked about customize WordPress Widgets. In the next knowledge bit, we are going to talk more about appearance and especially menus, so briefly looked at how to create menus, how to use the menu.

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